GlovePIE 0.25 This is the program to use your Wiimote with your PC.

Scripts for GlovePIE:
(right click and click Save As)

WiiMouse IR
Point with your Wiimote and click! REQUIRES SENSOR BAR. Calibration required (instructions are in the file).
Chances are, this is the one you want.
Please let me know what you think and how I can make this better. You can contact me by email (address is in the file) or in #wiimote on
Last updated: Dec. 9 5:43pm PST

WiiMouse Accel
Tilt and rotate the Wiimote to control the mouse. Requires calibration (instructions in the file).

WiiMouse IR Relative
Moves the mouse based on the Wiimote's position relative to the center of the screen.

Two WiiMice
Connect two Wiimotes to control two mice. REQUIRES SENSOR BAR

Wiimote Accel controlled Batlefield 2
Adapted from my Wiimote Accel by Nessuno.
Generic Joystick Driver
This uses the tilt/rotate as two axes, and all 11 buttons to emulate a joystick. REQUIRES PPJOY

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Ocarina of Time
A little awkward, but not too bad.

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Goldeneye (basic)
All buttons are digital in this script.

Nintendo 64 Emulator - Goldeneye (advanced)
In this, there is analog control support.

Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator
Basic controls for an NES emulator. Turn the Wiimote sideways for this one.